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Friday, 20 July 2012

Hair Extensions Dip Dye Most Demanding fashion Accessories

Are you interested in culture of celebrities then you must noticed that female celebrities change their hair styles very often with different and fascinated hair color, this is just possible with the help of hair extensions which become popular these days and gives a versatile personality so special thanks to hair extensions.

Looking Cool With Dip Dye Hair

People can easily manipulate their hair length and styles with the help of hair extensions but quality is the major factor which improves the result, you can see different color with single or multiple colors sometimes blending one and more color to get something new and unique color, you can easily get some new color with hair extensions dip dye and that color must be extravagant you can noticed after blending different shades.

Blue Pink Dip Dye Hair Tutorial

New Look With Dip Dye Hair

Hair Extensions Dip Dying Procedure

In reality, easy procedure of dip dying is very simple in this procedure you need a clothing piece or someone’s hairs then you can dipped it into different color for the purpose of creating different tone and texture. For very unique style you must experiment or mingle up different shades to make your own shade this become very adventurous and it gives a elegant style and you definitely become one in the crowd. 

How To Dip Dye Your Hair

 Watch this clip to learn how to dip your hair extensions to look stylish and fashionable.

If you want to dip dying hair of your own then it is possible but there is a risk may be you can’t get the result that you acquired. This is the reason hair extensions becomes hot accessories of fashion right now. It is very amazing to transform your image by fit it or wearing it. And there is an advantage that you don’t want to perform any action on your real natural hair. Do you like your new hair dip dye.

dip dye shaded effect

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hollywood Celebrities Worst Hairstyles

Hollywood celebrities are famous for their style. Yet, some of the Hollywood celebrities do not realize what they are doing to themselves in racing to beat their fellow celebrities. Lets have a look at some of the worst hairstyles of these celebrities.

Zandra Rhodes

British designer Zandra Rhodes wore pink hair extension and that too with a necklace and weird makeup makes her look horrible.

worst pink hair extension

Natalia Villaveces

An actress and a model should always know that a poof shall not be larger than the head.

too much up do

Whitney Port

Her cute double buns look cute on her but these huge weirdo glasses are so irritating that they messed up the whole look.

double buns

Jessica Strout

Jessica's short hair suits her personality but the tons of gel on her head doesn't look good. Her cute hairs are looking too oily hence, loosing its cuteness big time!

short hair

Dawn Richard

Her fishtail braid is looking fine but less hair at the top is very irritating. 

worst fishtail braid hairstyle

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SuHead Cleanughter's air tight.  the hair, so stop them from reaching your daughter'es and user cute hair accessories to tie up mmer is in the middle and sun is at its peak. What we crave for at this time of the year is the picnics open in the sun, getting tan under the sun at the beach and getting vitamin D taking advantage of the sun.

The above-mentioned ideas are great for enjoying the sun and the summers to the peak but do not forget to keep your hairs safe from those damages the sun would make to your hairs. Save your hairs from the exposition of the sun as much as possible. Covering your hair can do the trick and can save your hair big time from the harsh effects of the sun.

Cover With a Scarf

Wearing a scarf while going out in the sun is probably the best option for the health of your hair. Wear different color scarves while going out, as it will add more color to your personality as well.

head scarf

Wear a Hat or a Cap

A good hat or a cap will also add an attraction to your personality as well as save your hair from the damages of the sun. A big hat will also save your face from dangerous rays of the sun. Buy a good hat or a cap according to your personality and dressing and go out with the confidence.



Use Sun Screen Hair Lotion

Apply Sun screen on hair before going out is also essential as it will keep the texture of your hair saved and keep your hair from drying out. When you go out in the sun with open hairs, the rays of the sun will snatch the moisture off from your hair making them brittle and lifeless. Therefore, invest in some good sunscreen lotion for hairs and enjoy the summers lively.

hair sunscreen lotion

Keep Your Daughter’s Head Clean

Moms spend so much time on their daughter’s hair to make cute hairstyles while going out at a party, school, relatives etc. The cute hair accessories for little young girls are available in the market, which add more cuteness to your little girl. But what if you find lice in your daughter’s hairs? The school going age girls always encounter this problem and you cannot help it. However, here are some tips to keep your daughter’s head clean.

How to Keep Away Lice from Your Daughter’s Head

Wash Everything She Wears Recently
Immediately after finding your child complaining about the itchy head, wash the bed sheet, scarf and other stuffs she use to wear while going out or at home because nits may be on those stuffs which can enter your daughter’s head and increase the number of lice.

girl wearing scarf

Comb To Get Rid Of Nits and Lice
Apply some oil to your daughter’s head and then do nit and lice comb one by one to get rid of present and future lice. It is a time taken process so you should be little patient while doing that. Make sure that all the nit eggs and lice are thoroughly cleaned.

nit comb

lice comb

Use Anti Lice Shampoo
Use anti lice shampoo on your daughter’s head to get rid of the remaining lice and preventing them from coming back.

anti-lice shampoo

Tie Her Hair before Going to School
Neatly tie your daughter’s hair before sending her to the school. Make tight ponytails or other tied hairstyles and use cute hair accessories to tie up, as lice tend to fly and stick to the hair, so stop them from reaching your daughter’s head by tying her hair tight. 

tied hairs

Monday, 9 July 2012

Friday, 6 July 2012

How To Do A Side Braid

Here we have brought you a pictorial tutorial on how to do side braid. Hope you get an  idea easily on how to do a side braid and try it out yourself. Enjoy!

pictorial guide on how to do a side braid

Awesome Braids

Want to try something different while going out with friends or having a dinner with your partner then here we brought some different and worth trying braids.

Side Braid

loose side braid

different styles of braids

messy braid

tight side braid

stylish braid

high pony style braid

back and front braid


fluffy braid


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Amazing Wedding Hair Up Do

amazing wedding hair up do

This amazing wedding hair up do picture was found on Printest! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Foods For Your Hair

The secret of shiny and healthy hair is in what you eat, not what you use. There are certain foods on our daily routine diets that can make our hairs more healthy and shinier if consumed properly and to the right amount.


Consume proper amount of protein in your diet daily. Protein can be found in eggs, fish, meat and nuts. You can have 1 or two items of protein containing foods in your diet to keep your hair follicles strong.


Bananas, Oats and Raisins

The bananas, oats and raisins are considered to contain silica. Silica improves the thickness of hair and make it more durable. Eating a banana, some raisins and oats a day can improve your hair health within 6 months to a year.




Spinach And Broccoli

Spinach and broccoli are the source of vitamin A & C. These two vitamins produce sebum which helps keep the hair conditioned.

spinach and broccoli


They are the great source of iron rich protein. It helps in maintaining your hairs. 


Fruits And Vegetables

Most of the fruits and green vegetables contain vitamin C, without which your hair will be dry and weak. The best sources of vitamin C is citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, strawberry etc. and some green vegetables.

fruits and vegetables

Try to add these foods to your daily diet to make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. But it will take some time to show its effects like 6 months to a year, so do not rush into getting the results.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Hairstyles Guys Love On Women

Have to go on a date and still confused how to style your hair. Well here we brought some hairstyles that guys like on their girls.

Straight Hairs

Guys usually like neat and clean hair. Straight hairs look healthy and also indicates that you are having a balanced diet. Just apply serum on to your damp hair before blow dry and then blow dry them taking small portions.

straight hairs

Shiny Hairs:

Shiny hairs adds youthfulness to your hair and ultimately guys like shiny hairs a lot. Shine serum on damp hairs works best to bring shine to the hairs.

shiny hairs

Tied Hairs:

Neatly tied hairs into a bun will definitely don't let your guy take his eyes off you.

tied hairs

Pouf Hairstyle:

A little pouf in your hairs is a sure yes because it will enhance your shoulder and neck when kept up.

pouf hairs

Side Ponytail:

A low side ponytail is also a great way to impress your guy easily.

side ponytail

High Ponytail:

High ponytail will not only decrease your age but also a sure attention getter of your guy.

high ponytail

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Side Buns Are the In Thing

Just like side ponytails, side buns are in these days and are in fashion. They look good on every face type. Many Hollywood celebrities are spotted with side bun hairstyles at the awards shows. Lets have a look at some side bun pictures.

high side bun

model on the ramp

messy side bun

side bun

big side bun

side bun like a cap

How To Make Side Bun