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Friday, 8 June 2012

Enjoy Sun With Bun...

Many women these days must be very confused about their hairstyles because its summers and they do not want to let their hairs open in the sun. Tying up your hairs is the simplest solution to get away from this confusion but still the question remains how. So here we bring some simple Bun Hairstyles to make at home while working or while going out to the picnic.

simple bun hairstyle

This simple bun hairstyle, needs only one pin as you can see in the pic. However, if you are not perfect in it then first try it with 4,5 pins and later try to decrease the number of pins. As someone rightly said "Practice Makes Man Perfect".

amazing swirl bun

This perfectly swirled bun needs a lot of pins as you can see in the picture however, it will add elegance and style to your personality and is perfect for the dinner party and other social events.

messy bun

messy hairstyle

These messy buns hairstyles are in fashion these days and they are celebrities favorite too. Celebrities prefer to appear in awards ceremonies in these messy buns. So take advantage of your medium and long length hairs and try these ravishing buns hairstyles which will definitely stand you out in the crowd.

How To Make A Messy Bun...