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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Haircuts That Will Make You Appear Slimmer

There are some haircuts that can make you look slimmer. Here we are presenting some haircuts that will make your face and whole appearance look slimmer and younger.

1). Change Your Haircut

Yes by changing your haircut, you will definitely look younger because the same hairstyle for years can make you look more older than you actually are so, at the first place go to your hairstylists and discuss haircuts that will suit you.


2). Try bangs

Side and front bangs always make your face look slimmer than center parting or all hairs up.


3). Layers Cutting

 Long layers in hairs can help in looking one more slimmer and younger. Go for layers cutting and have a more younger feel.

long layer cutting

4). Avoid Bobs

Bob haircuts can add years to your appearance therefore avoid bob cutting. Bob haircut will make your face look rounded which will make you look older.

bob cutting