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Thursday, 28 June 2012

1920's Bob Comeback

In the starting of 2012, the known hairstylists have predicted the comeback of 1920's fashion, be it clothes, jewelry or hair do's.

1920's bob hairstyle

In 1920's women used to spend so much time and hard work to make this bob hairstyle but today it has become so easy by curling tongs.

Steps To Make 1920's Bob Hairstyle

1). Apply hair spray on your hairs then run your fingers through it.

2). Do the side parting and backcomb hairs around the parting.

side parting

3). Curl large sections of hairs with a curling tong on a medium heat.

curling with a tong

4). After curling leave it for a while, then comb out the curls.

5). Flat the area around your hairline by flat iron.

6). Spray to set the curls.

curled bob