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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hot, Warm Or Cold Water For Hair Wash

Some experts suggest hot water hair wash is the best, some suggest warm or lukewarm water and some recommend cold water to wash hairs. The three of them have there advantages and disadvantages and effects on hairs lets have a look.

Washing Hairs With Hot Water

Washing hairs with hot water is recommended only if you want to deep clean your hair. The hot water is best to remove extra product or so much oil on your hair. However, hot water hair wash is not recommended for regular washing as it will damage your hairs and can cause split ends.

hot water

Warm Water Hair Wash

Warm water for a regular hair wash is recommended by the expert dermatologists as it will carried away maximum dirt from the hairs and do not dry out the scalp. 

warm water

Cold Water Hair Wash

Cold water hair wash is the best to lock in more moisture and shine in hairs. Conditioning in hairs after cold water wash can be beneficial for hairs health.

cold water