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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Basic Hair Care Home Tips

Want healthy hair? Then start it form very basic. Usually people skip the basic things and jump up to the level that requires the strong base. So. let us consider the basic step that are building pillars for the strong and healthy hair.

  • Use proper comb with the wide tooth.

combing method

  • Oiling is the most important thing to be done for healthy hair at least once a week.

use oil

  • Wash your hair with light chemical shampoo and conditioners.

proper washing

  • Remove your split ends as they do not allow hair to grow.


  • Use natural herbs mask for hair instead of company made items.

green herbs

  • Avoid use of heating equipment on hair as they take away the moisture and cause hair damage.

heating equipment

  • Take a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

fruits and veggies

  • And you will eventually get the long and strong hair.

long hair.