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Friday, 15 June 2012

Ayurvedic Treatments For Hair Loss Problems

Hair loss is the common problem found in every men and women. Even girls and boys in their early life stages come across this issue. The major reason is that we have indulge ourselves in chemically manufactured products rather than those that are natural and free from harmful effects.

Here, are some of the Ayurveda that helps in over coming this problem. They are really effective and risk free so this can be used by any age group person.

Gooseberry, henna, neem, Sandal wood, spices and other herbs have always been the most famous herbs for hair treatments for their effectiveness.

Grind them and mix them together and then wash your hair with them. You can also make a mixture with oil that is also helpful and then take a head massage of them.

Feel the difference and enjoy the healthy glowing hair.