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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vitamins That Are Important For Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamins play an essential role in the growth and health of hair. We know that a good fruits is grown only when it is given proper care form the watering to the sunlight. Similarly, for healthy hair growth we need to take proper vitamins that helps in hair growth.
hair follicle
Hair growth

There are many vitamins tablets and supplements for this purpose and most of the people do take them some of them are effective while other have side effects.


spoonful of vitamins
Vitamins tablets

soft gels
Soft vitamins gel

hair supplements
hair supplements
Instead of going for the vitamin tablets and supplements you should opt for the natural food that is the basic and fresh source for the essential vitamins.
natural foods
kidney beans

dairy food
Dairy food

fish and green vegetables

vitamins rich fruits
Increase the intake of juices this also is the direct source of vitamins good for hair growth.
fresh juice

vegetable juice
fresh juice
For more information this is the chart that will help you to change your diet and the info about the vitamins that you intake. 
vitamins carrying elements
Vitamins chart