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Thursday, 28 June 2012

1920's Twisted Hair Do

1920 twisted hair do is a trendy hairstyle for dinner parties and corporate events. It is easy to make however, requires some time and practice to be perfect in it.

1920 twisted hair do

How To Do It:

1). Apply mouse through all wet hairs. The hairs should be sectioned in 3 to 4.

2). Take one section of hairs from your head crown down to the nape of your neck and hold it like a ponytail.

3). Apply extra shine gel through all the sections of your hair till the ends.

4). Gradually add more hairs to the ponytail and applying the gel simultaneously. This will give the slick look to your hairs.

5). Separate your ponytail into two sections and twist it really tight. 

separating ponytails

6). Twist the ponytails around as a bun and secure with hair pins.

twisting ponytails into a bun

7). Now curl front fringes with curling iron away from the face.

curling the fringes

8). Remove the curling iron and keep the fringes to the side of the face. Apply more styling gel to get more polished look. 

1920 twisted hairstyle