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Monday, 11 June 2012

Hair Care Tips...

As summers starts, our hairs also starts to get dry and lifeless due to the exposure of severe hot sun. However, proper treatment and care will keep your hair shiny and full of life.


Wear Scarf

Always wear scarf or a cap while going out in the sun. It will save your hairs from damaging sun effects.



Hair Repair Mask

If you are out for a long time under the sun without any scarf or a cap on your head then immediately apply hair repair mask to lower the harmful effects of sun to your hairs.

hair wash

repair mask

Hair Wash

Try to wash your hairs less often. The frequency of washing hair in a week can not be generalize as everyone has different hair textures. Some has dry hairs, some has oily hairs etc. Therefore, it is recommended that hairs should be washed less frequently because in summers too much shampooing can also damage your hair. 

hair wash

Avoid Hair Dryers

Try to avoid the use of hair dryers and electric heating stylers on your hairs in summers. It will give additional heat to your hairs making them thin and strips out the moisture from your hair. 

hair dryer

Remain Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated all the time by drinking lots of water during the summers as it will keep your hair and body healthy.

drinking water